Repairing the shattered GOP

Errol Louis has a great article in the Daily News about rebuilding the NY GOP in the wake of the latest scandal. Here are some things he suggests:

Cox and Co. should make a big show of sending canvassers to block parties, tenant meetings, churches and parades, and try to double or triple the number of Republicans in the city. They should be talent scouts, looking for local leaders who might want to run for office, and supporting them to the hilt even in hopeless races.

To pay for it all, Cox will need to forge a durable relationship with businesses and individuals who believe in the GOP message and persuade them to contribute to the state party directly, or to accounts jointly audited and administered by county organizations and the central party.

There are plenty such people, not only billionaires. Shop owners tired of taxes and regulations, parents sick of failing schools and concerned about public safety and constantly rising taxes and fees. Even on social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, New York can only be better off with a healthy debate over policies and philosophies.

So how about you? How would you “repair the wreckage” and rebuild a once again strong Republican party in New York?


The Road to CPAC (The Casale Group Making the Rounds)

You’ve heard the criticisms. You’ve heard people complaining about (solve for x). Still in all, CPAC is both fun and informative, and The Casale Group will be there in full force…which includes our own Shoshana Weissman speaking!

Here are the main things each of us is looking forward to…

Vince Casale (CSO: Chief Strategery Officer)
Jeb Bush. He’s the only candidate speaking who has a shot of winning anything in 2016. I’m also looking forward to seeing and catching up with my brother who lives in town.

Lynn Krogh (The Political Architect)
We’ll be attending Scotch & Cigars on Friday Night and Roger Stone will be speaking to this fun crowd. It’ll be interesting to hear his strategy on his rumored FL Gubernatorial run. I’m also excited to see all the great friends we can catch up with this week.

John Brodigan (Social Media Ambassador)
Speech wise…meh. I’m excited for Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (about f’n time a NY conservative is speaking) and am curious to see the response to Rand Paul. Otherwise, it’s like seeing the same band playing the same song the same way, live, one too many times. I’m mainly looking forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues I haven’t seen since the “Brodigan Surreal American Hero Tour” wrapped up in Chicago last year. Them, and networking with anyone who may want to pay me money to ambassador their social media for them.


Brodigan will be a guest on “The Snark Factor: Live fromFreedomWorks HQ” 3/13 at 8:00PM.

Brodigan’s also co-Hosting FTR Radio’s LIVE CPAC coverage 3/14 & 3/15 12:30PM-2:00PM.

Our friends from Brooklyn GOP Radio, Gene and Russ, will be broadcasting LIVE on 3/14 & 3/15 form 9:30AM-10:30AM.

All of the TCG Team will be available for onsite interviews. Email for info.

Meet The Casale Group

All work and no play makes Jack not only a dull boy, but boring as hell and most likely crazy if the work is politics.  To prevent this, we here at The Casale Group have a number of different ways we use to relax and unwind when clients, opponents, and the politics of the politics of politics start to drive us slightly more insane than usual…

Vince Casale (The Boss)
My first instinct is to say Jack Daniels, but this is supposed to be the things I do to escape the political world and Jack is as much an occupational necessity as a good GOTV program…

So after much deliberation, here is the PG version of the 3 things I do to unwind:

GOLF – I’m a whore – Anytime, any place, any how. But nothing beats a late morning tee time on my beautiful and serene home course, Leatherstocking at the Otesaga in Cooperstown. Well manicured lush fairways and fast greens that stick when you hit them. Not an easy course, but you can’t beat some of the best views of Otsego Lake in the process.

LIVE SPORTS – I love pretty much any live sporting event, especially football and baseball. I can also watch it at every level too. It doesn’t matter if its amateur ball at Doubleday or the big boys at my favorite Bronx stadium, give me a bag of peanuts and a nine inning pitchers duel and I can forget the world for a while.

MOVIES – Ok, not just movies, but movies I’ve seen 100 times. Nothing better than after a long, crazy day than flipping through and finding one of those most loved movies that you know so well that you don’t have to think, just veg and enjoy. Some of those are political (Recount, Primary Colors, Thank You For Smoking); some classics (The Godfather, Goodfellas, Star Wars, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club); and some just have a special place in my heart (Almost Famous, Pulp Fiction, Big Fish, Forrest Gump, Trading Places and The Breakfast Club). There are definitely a few more, but I have to go…Red Dawn just came on….

Lynn Krogh (The Political Architect)
READING – I read. Not just the typical political stuff like The Victory Lab, Game Change, or The Reagan Diaries… and sure, I read the dailies and the blogs, but I’m currently in the middle of Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin and Nefret’s Curse by P.C. & Kristin Cast. Next to Angry Birds and Soduku, it’s the only thing that really quiets my mind and clears my head.

FAMILY TIME – I spend as much time with my family and friends as I can. Sometimes it’s a 5 hour car ride just for dinner… sometimes it’s a 15 minute coffee while they’re in town for a meeting…. and it’s always totally worth it. There’s really nothing better than catching up with the people who know and love me for me. And I do them.

TV – I do prefer to watch and work, but I watch nonetheless. Shameless, The Office, Homeland, TruBlood, Greys, 1600 Penn, Vampire Diaries, The Good Wife, Castle, NCIS: LA, any singing competition (American Idol has lost this viewer.) I heart reality TV particularly. Not all of it, only the elite programs involving the Kardashians, anyone from the Jersey Shore, The BH & ATL Housewives and the Vanderpump spinoff, Catfish, Shark Tank.

John Brodigan (The Social Media Ambassador)
HOT YOGA – I wanted something to do other than go to the gym. I tried it once years back and while it almost killed me, I figured I’d give it another shot. The best part about it? Besides the health and detoxifying your soul jive, it’s the only two hours a week where I am totally off the grid. Even at the gym, I’m still answering emails and tweeting for our clients.

GRAPHIC NOVELS – My favourite is the new “X-Factor,” which is the best team that Marvel has put together in years. “AvsX” was sick. “Rising Stars” is one of my all time favs. For the most part, I see what books pro wrestler CM Punk tweets about, and then let Amazon recommend the rest.

FALL OUT BOY – I’d normally say music, but FOB is really all I’ve been listening to lately. Their new single “I Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” blew me away so much it has made all their other songs sound better (particularly “Hum Hallelujah” and “Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year”). They are in the studio with Butch Walker as we speak. When I do take a FOB break, it’s usually for Zac Brown Band.  And Stillwater, just because Vince and I have a habit of driving Lynn insane whenever “Almost Famous” comes on.