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Repairing the shattered GOP

Errol Louis has a great article in the Daily News about rebuilding the NY GOP in the wake of the latest scandal. Here are some things he suggests:

Cox and Co. should make a big show of sending canvassers to block parties, tenant meetings, churches and parades, and try to double or triple the number of Republicans in the city. They should be talent scouts, looking for local leaders who might want to run for office, and supporting them to the hilt even in hopeless races.

To pay for it all, Cox will need to forge a durable relationship with businesses and individuals who believe in the GOP message and persuade them to contribute to the state party directly, or to accounts jointly audited and administered by county organizations and the central party.

There are plenty such people, not only billionaires. Shop owners tired of taxes and regulations, parents sick of failing schools and concerned about public safety and constantly rising taxes and fees. Even on social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, New York can only be better off with a healthy debate over policies and philosophies.

So how about you? How would you “repair the wreckage” and rebuild a once again strong Republican party in New York?


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