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The Road to CPAC (The Casale Group Making the Rounds)

You’ve heard the criticisms. You’ve heard people complaining about (solve for x). Still in all, CPAC is both fun and informative, and The Casale Group will be there in full force…which includes our own Shoshana Weissman speaking!

Here are the main things each of us is looking forward to…

Vince Casale (CSO: Chief Strategery Officer)
Jeb Bush. He’s the only candidate speaking who has a shot of winning anything in 2016. I’m also looking forward to seeing and catching up with my brother who lives in town.

Lynn Krogh (The Political Architect)
We’ll be attending Scotch & Cigars on Friday Night and Roger Stone will be speaking to this fun crowd. It’ll be interesting to hear his strategy on his rumored FL Gubernatorial run. I’m also excited to see all the great friends we can catch up with this week.

John Brodigan (Social Media Ambassador)
Speech wise…meh. I’m excited for Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (about f’n time a NY conservative is speaking) and am curious to see the response to Rand Paul. Otherwise, it’s like seeing the same band playing the same song the same way, live, one too many times. I’m mainly looking forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues I haven’t seen since the “Brodigan Surreal American Hero Tour” wrapped up in Chicago last year. Them, and networking with anyone who may want to pay me money to ambassador their social media for them.


Brodigan will be a guest on “The Snark Factor: Live fromFreedomWorks HQ” 3/13 at 8:00PM.

Brodigan’s also co-Hosting FTR Radio’s LIVE CPAC coverage 3/14 & 3/15 12:30PM-2:00PM.

Our friends from Brooklyn GOP Radio, Gene and Russ, will be broadcasting LIVE on 3/14 & 3/15 form 9:30AM-10:30AM.

All of the TCG Team will be available for onsite interviews. Email for info.


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