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FRIENDLY FIRE: The NY GOP vs. Andrew Cuomo Part Deux

How do you run against a Democrat Governor in New York with ridiculous – albeit lower after that whole gun grabby thing – poll numbers? How do you run in NYC this year when the NYC BOE is the NYC BOE?  And…Roger Stone running for Governor and Florida?  The inside-outsiders Lynn Krogh and Vince Casale answer these questions, and more!  Actually, just these questions.  Go grab a pen and paper, you’re about to learn…

The newest name thrown in to the list of potential 2014 opponents for Mario’s Kid is County Executive Greg Edwards. Does he have a chance?

Lynn Krogh: Greg Edwards is one of the best in NY. Honest, hard-working, smart, personable. If he decides to run again, state-wide, I’d certainly support him and hope to work with him. I think it would be an uphill battle against Cuomo… but one worth taking on, if not for the simple fact that we have an outrageous new gun law that is out of step with New Yorkers an the rumor that Cuomo’s going to make partial birth abortion legal in NYS.

Vince Casale: Greg Edwards would be one of the few people who would stand a chance against Cuomo. He has the experience as a County Executive to talk about the issues important to NYers, but he has also been through the statewide circus (and 2010 was definitely a circus). He’s the only one on a short list who has that going for them.

How do we even run against the Governor statewide, especially when the Senate GOP leadership appears to want to be his best friend?

LK: Issues that only please the far left, even in a blue state like NY, certainly give us an opportunity to run statewide, in a meaningful way. We were just handed a gift with the NY SAFE law. The gun issue is the 3rd rail for Democrats, let’s talk about it!!

VC: And I actually believe the Senate GOP leadership is going to see some blowback for giving into the Governor on too many important issues for Republican voters. The gun bill was a fatal mistake. 2014 is long way away, politically speaking, and a lot can happen. The gun bill showed a weakness in the Cuomo doctrine, but also showed more importantly that if Cuomo starts to falter, the press may not be so kind any longer. Again, a long way off and so much can happen.

The Daily News reported, “GOP Councilmen seize opportunity to appoint election commissioners in Queens, Brooklyn, overruling county party leadership.” What does that mean?

LK: It simply means that once again there’s drama in the party. Sadly, people like Fred Umane, who is an excellent Republican and Commissioner, got stuck in the middle of it. At this point, the GOP Councilmembers are in charge of who gets placed into the commissioner positions of the NYC Board of Elections. I’m OK with that, as people like Eric Ulrich and Jimmy Oddo have great political compasses and will do what’s best for our party.

VC: It means that finally someone has taken some initiative to get rid of the dysfunction running the NYC BOE. It’s no secret that some of these people who were put in charge were nothing but political patsies and completely inept and protected. Glad to see some council members finally clean this up. I understand that these are political positions and there’s good reason to keep them as such, but this time let’s also take into consideration people who are capable and up to the task to competently run our elections,

GOP strategist Roger Stone is considering a run for Governor in Florida. How do you be the Roger Stone to Roger Stone?

LK: No one can be Stone. Stone is one of a kind and one of the best. I sure as hell would love to work on the race. As any consultant should and as I do for every client, I’d give Stone the best of what I’ve got. FL is an interesting place and I’d bet that his name ID is a bit higher than most would believe.

VC: You don’t have to be his Roger Stone, you just need to let him be Roger Stone and complement his incredible political ability and instinct.


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