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FRIENDLY FIRE: Winners and Losers (and More)

This week on Friendly Fire, our two favourite outside-insiders Lynn Krogh and Vince Casale take a look at recent winners and losers in politics, both here in New York and also with the Republican party nationally…

As much as I want to beat people with their own shoes when they bring up 2016: Rubio, Ryan, Christie, Paul, Christie, or Jindal?

Lynn Krogh: I believe the only way for the Republican Party to turn around this massive free-fall where we compromise on taxes and give in to gun control is through a comprehensive, sweeping immigration package that garners the support of minorities, yet economically benefits the U.S. economy. Who better than our own Marco Rubio to take up that message and push that platform?

Ryan’s damaged goods. There are countless congressional casualties across New York thanks to Paul Ryan’s granny cliff catapult.

Christie’s numbers are through the roof. He’s a smart, sharp-tongued, no-nonsense governor who has lead his state in a post-Sandy world. Let’ look to him in 2016 for sure.

Jindal bores me. He totally bores me. I go back to his SOTU response that he gave a few years back. #NRFP (Not Ready for Primetime)

Rand Paul? Blech. Just Blech.

Vince Casale: 2016 is about 3 political lifetimes away. That said, Ryan is done, Paul shouldn’t start, and Jindal is a non-starter… I like Christie, but it may be tough to sustain his popularity. He may also have a problem being a Northeast Republican, especially if it looks like we are running against a Northeast Dem. But as you can’t predict when a hurricane will hit, you also can’t predict Christie…

As for Rubio, he brings a lot of positives to the table, but can he win the broad appeal of the party? Not sure. But for all the reasons someone might like Rubio, I’ll bring up the same two words I used going into 2012 ….JEB BUSH…

RNC met in Charlotte this past weekend to discuss what’s next. Anything coming out of the meeting that sounds promising?

LK: I hear the same sh*t over and over and over again out of the party. Talk to minorities, build on technology, train activists. I’m so sick of the same talk. Isn’t it time for action? Stop planning and start doing. IMMIGRATION FOLKS. Own it. Make it our issue.

VC: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. No.

Now that we are a week removed from Gov. Cuomo’s Gun Grab: winners and losers?

LK & VC:
Winners –
Sen. Greg Ball – He stood up to Cuomo and the SAFE Act and as received a lot of support as well as statewide and national attention for it. He will parlay this into something.

Sen. Kathy Marchione – Started an online petition that has received over 100,000 signatures. For a new Senator, she jumped right into the fire and does it without breaking a sweat. I love the way she stands up for what she believes in and does it like a grandmother asking if you would like a glass of milk…

New York State Republicans – That’s right, you heard me! Thank you to Andrew Cuomo and the Dems for handing us an issue. We have been misguided on or had stolen from us so many good republican issues over the last few years. Now is the time to own the 2nd Amendment and remind people that not only is the republican party the party of the 2ndamendment, but we are the party of personal responsibility, freedom, liberty, the constitution and belief in a self governing society of, for and by the people. This is our chance to return to run on the true core beliefs of the founding fathers and use the gun issue to transcend it into a bigger discussion and pivot off issues that are not favorable to us…


Losers –
Sen. Majority Leader Dean Skelos – He sold out Republicans on gay marriage, tax increases for the rich and got us into a power sharing agreement that made a NYC Dem the most powerful man in the Senate. Now, not only does he not try to stop the “message of necessity” that rams the gun bill down the throats of law abiding gun owners all across New York, he votes for it too…

The Senate Republicans from Long Island (except for Lee Zeldin) – for the sake of regaining the real majority on 2014, I hope you guys are right…

Sen. Mark Grisanti – As the sole survivor of the same sex marriage vote in the 2012 cycle, he’s either feeling really confident or likes being public enemy #1.

Governor Andrew Cuomo – Goodbye 2016…

Ravens or 49ers?

LK: Niners. My brother Mikey would be quite upset if he read that I was rooting for the Ravens.

VC: Wait, What? The Jets aren’t in the Super Bowl??? But we had Tebow…


One response to “FRIENDLY FIRE: Winners and Losers (and More)

  1. Pat Devine ⋅

    So where do the 6 Long Island and 1 Staten Island/Brooklyn Republicans shake out after voting with Cuomo on NYSAFE. Have their constituencies shifted purple enough that they can shake off the objections of the shrinking number of traditional valued Republicans and count on the bump from their more left leaning voters?

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