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FRIENDLY FIRE: Why New York Republicans Should Vote for Wendy Long

Since many of our colleagues are using their weekly blog space to gratuitously push their own candidates, we thought, why should we be any different? For your reading pleasure, here is Friendly Fire – The Wendy Long Edition…

Every so often, New York Republicans have an opportunity to exercise their conservative oats by voting for an unabashed, unashamed conservative candidate. But in the primary for US Senate this year conservative republicans, have an opportunity to put on the ballot a candidate who can convey and defend conservative principle like no one has maybe since James Buckley.

Wendy Long is an intelligent legal mind who has a unique blend of experience working with all three branches of the federal government. You’ve probably heard by now that she was a law clerk to Judge Clarence Thomas, but few understand the magnitude of such a position. Only 36 individuals are given this opportunity each year. It is the legal world’s equivalent of a first round draft pick in any major sports league.

Her love for constitutional law is really what drove her to run in the first place. Well, that and her role as mother of two young children. Wendy could not sit back and watch the decaying of our country and society and not do anything about it. Not for herself, but for her children…and theirs.

Social conservatives are often told that their issues don’t matter or if you take those issues on, “you’ll never win in New York.” How great will it be to be able to cast a vote for a candidate who does not run from their conservative values because it’s not the politically correct thing to do? Wendy Long is the social conservatives dream candidate.

While Wendy does not shy away from the conservative issues and defends her positions as eloquently as any candidate I’ve seen in quite some time, even better is the way she masterfully maneuvers off of those issues into topics like, jobs, the economy, soaring national debt and obamacare.

This fall the democrats (and they have already started) will use all of these social issues to energize their base and distract from the trouble our country is in. The only way we will beat Kristen Gillibrand is with a candidate who can masterfully create a contrast and frame the debate around the issues that will resonate with a plurality of voters.

Wendy’s win in the primary will also create the ONLY women against women race in the entire country. In a year where Democrats have created a phony war on women as part of their plan to district voters, Wendy Long will take the gender issue off the table and again be able to own the debate and the issues. This race could become ground zero for the democrat’s so called war on women bringing national attention to this race and putting New York Republicans in the spotlight.

Wendy’s two primary opponents, while both good men who each have their own records of accomplishment to be proud of cannot wage the type of campaign needed to beat Gillibrand and will unfortunately succumb to the same fate as 2010. Their races will never make it to the starting gate, let alone a photo finish.

For politicos like me, the Wendy Long/Gillibrand match-up has the potential to become a classic. But even better, for those who have gotten to know Wendy, you learn that she has the intellect, determination and ability to become a great US Senator, not to mention one that will look to correct our Country’s problems through a conservative lens – both socially and fiscally.


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