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FRIENDLY FIRE: Obama Camapign? LOL!

This week, Lynn and Vince take a look at why the Obama Campaign is doing so poorly this time around, possible 2014 opponents for “Mario’s Kid,” NY races to keep an eye on…and the best diner in New York!

A lot of us, even on the right, has been surprised at just how incompetent the Obama Campaign has been out of the gate. What’s the best way for Romney to exploit it?
LYNN KROGH: Obama is a pretty incredible campaigner. That much was proven in 2008. Yet we’re in a different time where Obama has a record to answer to… one of a failing economy, Obamacare, no jobs, among a litany of other offenses. While Romney may have baggage, Obama has a boatload of problems and even a well-oiled machine will have its hiccups. Let’s hope Romney can capitalize on em’.

VINCE CASALE: I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss the Obama campaign. Obama sucks as President, but he can campaign… The missteps are an opportunity for the Romney camp, but it is early and November is still a lifetime away. The Romney camp will need to find ways to exploit and even create missteps by Obama, but more importantly, Romney will have to run a very tight messaged and flawless campaign himself. It will be difficult to exploit your opponent when you’re making mistakes yourself. Case in point – the new Romney iPhone app

Mario’s Kid is focused on his 2016 Presidential run. Who should be focused on their 2014 Gubernatorial run?
LK: We’ve got some good Republicans who could make for great statewide candidates. Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro is a fan favorite, especially among the rank and file (and certainly me!!). Greg Edwards, Chautauqua County Executive and Former LG Candidate in 2010. Greg is brilliant with a homegrown quality to him that can rarely be imitated. County Executive Ed Mangano in Nassau is a rockstar who worked tirelessly to put Nassau back on financial footing and Rob Astorino, Westchester’s County Executive is certainly a name to toss into the mix… Cue Vince to talk about the Legislators as candidates…

VAC: Marc Molinaro, Rob Astorino and Greg Edwards – While Greg has already run statewide, both Molinaro and Astorino should use their positions as County Executives to move around the state. The trick will be for Edwards and Astorino to also stay under the radar, because if either become a threat to Cuomo you can expect to see some money pumped into challengers in their reelects which will occur before 2014. Good news, Republicans have a really good slate of potential candidates who can mount a good campaign – bad news, Cuomo will have a ton of cash and just yesterday his approvals hit 71%, according to Quinnipiac.

Who is the top local race to watch in 2012?
LK: Tough one… in NY I’d say keep an eye on a couple GOP Primaries: The Brian Maher Assembly Race in the 101st; the Marchione/McDonald Race up in the Capital Region; the WNY Senate Race for Grisanti’s seat. I would also argue that we need to protect our incumbents, like Reed and Hayworth. There are some great Congressional seats that the GOP can get their hands on. The 2 that come to mind are NY-1 kicking Bishop out by putting Altschuler in and NY-21 where Doheny needs to get rid of Owens.

VAC: Loaded question…because the state is loaded with Assembly and Senate races to watch. I would start with the 4 Republican Senators who voted in favor of same sex marriage. Already, Senator James Alesi has announced he isn’t running and the other three, especially Senator Grisanti and Senator McDonald are locked in tough fights. There are also several Assembly races brewing in the Hudson Valley. The retirement of Assemblywomen Nancy Calhoun has created what looks to be a primary situation including favorite son, Kyle Roddey and Dutchess has an interesting 3-way primary that will pit Marine Veteran Kieran Lalor against former Assemblyman Pat Manning (who lost re-election years ago to Marc Molinaro) and Rich Wager (who just recently lost an Assembly Special Election in Dutchess to now Assemblywomen Didi Barrett). And of course, there is Brian Maher who is in a primary with Assemblywomen Claudia Tenney, who refer to the newly drawn district as a “garbage district…made up of a bunch of misfit towns…”

The races described above alone, most of which are primaries, will make for an interesting summer. Once we get through the petition process, I’m sure there will be many more interesting match-ups through the November.

Best diner in New York?
LK: Jackson Hole is awesome if you don’t plan to eat for a week thereafter. Ed Torres and I love the cream of turkey soup at the Bel Aire Diner in Astoria. Miss Troy Diner (a throwback to home…) was a tin can down the street from home with a counter that sat 10 and had 2 tables that were always empty. The best chocolate chip pancakes from a dirty griddle… And a toss to our girl Gally who loves Big Daddy’s in Manhattan, known to throw a SBTB Trivia Contest once in a while. (And if you don’t know what SBTB is… Check out MTV at 1PM anyday.)

VAC: TJ’s Diner in Cooperstown. Great Breakfast and you can buy an autographed baseball. Also, one day a year in July you can usually find Yogi Berra sitting at a table in the back room…


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