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Theories for you to Disregard Completely (5.30.12): Mitt Romney and Rob Astorino…Our Only Hope?

Greetings from #AltCon East! This week on “The Right Hook,” I’ll be talking to NY-17 candidate Joe Carvin. The rest of the show didn’t quite work out like I thought, though one of the guests I was planning on, Councilman Dan Halloran, had brain surgery so I would think that’s a decent excuse. Our prayers for a speedy recovery, and he’ll be on the show later in June. So I’m dipping into The Right Hook archives for our past interviews with Rob Astorino and Greg Ball.

Still finalizing a guest for “Whiskey Rebellion Radio,” though Mark is debuting a new segment called “WTF from the Sunshine State.” Yes, the guy who ate another guy’s face off while he was high on bath salts will be the topic. We’ll also be talking aboot Mitt Romney securing the domination and how he isn’t taking no mess from the Democrat Media Complex this week.

Speaking of which…like a lot of you, I wish Donald Trump would go away. He ads nothing to the debate, and if we need his money that bad we’re fucked in the first place. That being said…Mitt Romney doesn’t have to denounce him just because the Democrats want the distraction and the media tells him too. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like he will, and this clip from CNN is tasty. Money quote from the first link:

Team Romney views it as a silly and one-sided game designed to distract voters from the central issue of the race, which they remain convinced will be President Obama’s handling of the economy….by one-sided, they mean not only that Obama has not disavowed SuperPAC contributor Bill Maher for a number of Maher’s statements that were particularly insulting to Republican women. They also mean the press, with, as Team Romney see it, questionable associations of its own. Has David Gregory, moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” repudiated his colleague Al Sharpton, the MSNBC host with a decades-long record of incendiary statements and actions?

People like to use the “If Romney won’t stand up to “X,” how can he stand up to foreign dictator’s 1, 2 and 3?” argument. I say wake me when Obama and the Democrats are held to the same standards, and shut up until then.

There is nothing that makes me #headdesk more than the Q poll when there is a statewide race in New York. Seriously, when all of our senate candidates lose by 30 POINTS and only poll at 25%…thankfully the next statewide race isn’t for another two years. Unfortunately…it’s against Andrew Cuomo, who is going to want to make a statement before he runs for President in 2016.

Enter Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who keeps getting mentioned as a potential Gubernatorial opponent. Of course, that’s probably because he’s all we have outside of Dutchess CE Marc Molinaro…who I put in the same category as Marco Rubio in that we should let them complete at least on term in the position they’re in first.

Astorino needs to win re-election too, but if and/or when he does…

He’s called for mass transit as part of a new Tappan Zee Bridge, urged repealing the state law that keeps public-employee contracts from expiring pending a new pact, and he’s demanded quicker action to relieve expensive mandates… Last month, in his state-of-the-county speech, Astorino proclaimed: “Unfunded mandates are like a terminal disease. And Dr. Albany’s response is: Let’s wait a few more years before starting treatment.” Of Tier 6 pension changes, Astorino said: “it was a first step, but frankly not much of one…The day of reckoning has already arrived for our school districts, villages, cities, towns and the county.” [Regarding] taxes and union concessions in his address. “After two years in office, the county tax levy is down 2 percent,” he said in his address. “And my vow to keep taxes down has not changed…”

Dare to dream?

Anyway, your song of the day…

I owe it to the people.

I’m out.


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