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Theories for you to Disregard Completely (5.8.12): Cher, Campaigns, and the Catholicism of the Avengers

I haven’t gone Amazon shopping in a while, but ordered a bunch of graphics novels and a few Lester Bangs books. My roots needed to be gotten back to. Please follow me on Twitter to see what I’m reading and when, since that’s what all the cool kids do.


Y’all don’t honestly expect me to get all heated because Cher said something stupid, do you? Cher? She hasn’t been relevant since the early nineties when she dated Richie Sambora and did a song with Beavis and Butthead.

Speaking of stupid, Meghan McCain: “All the things snobby ppl in politics judge me 4 r same things that make ppl in rest of the country relate to me.” That’s right, Bubbles. That’s totes the reason. To quote our friend Arlene Delgado, “If by ‘snobby,’ she means ‘intelligent.’ Oh, and Meghan? Real New Yorkers don’t call it ‘New York City.’ It’s just ‘New York.’ But yeah, you fit right in — I believe you (smirk).”

If you don’t use e-mail, you probably won’t understand why you should be on my podcast in the first place.

Relative to this, I’m noticing that there are two types of candidates: the candidates who are legitimately interested in engaging voters, and the candidates who are hoping that the (place political machine here) does most of the work. If you can’t find real contact info on their campaign website, you might be able to figure out which of those two categories they fall under.

Read this great review of Avengers from a Catholic blog, where they wrote about the hidden morality from the movie. A snippet: “But they have to deal with each other, and it is Captain America, with his old school patriotism and sense of duty, who brings them together. Like the others, he has his personal demons and insecurities. He comes from the 1940’s when WWII was raging and good citizens everywhere had to sacrifice themselves for a greater good. He has difficulty adjusting to the 21st century with its egocentrism and narcissism. He doesn’t like working with the self-obsessed Iron Man or the imperialistic Nick Fury. He is exasperated at Thor’s god complex. But he knows that the world needs saving and these flawed characters are the only ones who can do it so he takes all his little needs and problems, puts them in his back pocket, mans up and does his duty. Eventually the other heroes follow his example and put their egos aside so they can operate as a team and do what needs to be done.”

Your song of the day…

The Right Hook Thursday night. Whiskey Rebellion radio Sunday morning.

HUGE interview coming in two weeks.

I owe it to the people.

We out.


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