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Theories for you to Disregard Completely (5.7.12): The Last Word on #Julia

Is it my imagination, or has the entire “Occupy movement” turned into nothing more than the protesters from the movie “PCU?”

Let that simmer for a little, while I tell you that this week on “The Right Hook” we’ll be talking to Congressman (and US Senate Candidate) Bob Turner (R-NY), Emily Zanotti of Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan (which my timing being what it is, they stopped doing today), and our good friend Mayor Brian Maher, who just concluded a bike tour of the 101st assembly district he’s running for here in the New York. All this, plus a whole lot of the Beastie Boys.

Thursday night. 8:00 PM. FTR Radio. Boom.

I think we’ve properly mocked and ridiculed this “Julia” thing from the Obama Campaign, but I do have a final thought. Let this be a lesson for people to not surround themselves with only people who agree with them on everything. Only a roomful of Liberal Arts majors, fresh out of college and four years of Marxist college professors telling them how cradle to grave welfare was the bee’s knees, could have possibly thought an example of “Julia” needing government assistance throughout her entire life, and the subtext that women aren’t able to survive on their own without government intervention, was a winning argument for President Obama’s re-election.

I’m the furthest thing from a “GRR! TEA PARTY! RAGE!” guy, but it’s worth pointing out that more often than not, if the tea party cat loses a primary, they endorse the establishment guy. The establishment guy, more often than not, refuses to endorse and either runs as an independent or endorses the Democrat. That’s what we out on the streets call a punk ass move.

Yes, I saw that there were a bunch of polls today that are good news for Mitt Romney. In a week or, they’ll flip and be bad news. A week or so after that, they’ll flip again. I’ll wait until around the convention time before I waste any bandwidth on it.

Your song of the day…

Speaking of rocking, my latest for Misfit PoliticsRock Out with your Blog Out” is available fore your reading amusement.

“Corporations are social organizations, the theater in which men and women realize or fail to realize purposeful and productive lives.” – Lester Bangs

I owe it to the people.


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