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Friendly Fire: Running Mates, Scandals, and Superheroes

This week on “Friendly Fire,” Lynn and Vince discuss what Romney should look for in a vice-president, their favourite Obama schedule, and answer the age old question: if you were a superhero…?

Set aside who specifically Romney should pick, what should he look for in a running mate?
LYNN KROGH: He needs someone who balances him out. Who is appealing, genuine, and has the ability to appeal to those that don’t typically vote Republican. Rubio would be a perfect choice in my perfect world. He’s cut into Obama’s base, particular that Latino base that Romney is having so much trouble with (-40 points I think?)

VINCE CASALE: Romney needs a VP candidate who can appeal to everyone he can’t. Specially, the conservative and evangelical base. Without them Romney is toast in the general. Finding a minority and/or woman may be a smart angle for Romney. There is also a strong possibility that Romney needs to consider Santorum given the longer drawn out primary process. This has to, at least, be explored as a way to unify the delegates and the base. However, regardless of whom is chosen by Romney, there needs to be a full and exhaustive vetting of the candidate so we do not run into a Palin problem.

Out of all the “Obama Scandals” in the news (Solyndra, GSA, Fast & Furious, etc), which makes for the most effective campaign issue?
LK: Snooze to all of these… JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! It’s the economy stupid. Obama and his clowns want to talk about the war on women and social issues. Don’t let them. Vote with your gut folks and recognize that our country is on the edge. One more shove and I’m not sure how we ever make our way back up to the top.

VAC: Obama biggest scandal – OBAMACARE! It has all the elements of a good campaign issue for republicans. Higher taxes, hurting job creation and small business and effecting healthcare and quality of life, especially for seniors. And then for good measure, lets add in a little supreme court action. Made for a good republican campaign – as long as the republican candidate didn’t create a similar type of healthcare system when he was governor…DOH!

You both work for a female candidate (Wendy Long). What was your first reaction when you heard Hillary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney?
LK: Rosen can’t help herself–She’s an fool. She didn’t anticipate the reaction she received. She is a heartless liberal who pretends to be everything but. I was glad Wendy jumped on it and called on Senator Gillibrand to denounce what Rosen said.

VAC: Planned and orchestrated. Exactly how team Obama wanted it. Send out a high level operative who speaks for the “party” but isn’t tied directly to the campaign to send a message that drives a wedge between women voters. Divide and conquer at its best. Obama had some lagging number among single women, a demo that help his election in ‘08 with over seventy percent of support. Obama’s approval rating among single women dipped into the low 50s as of late 2011, but now have started to rise again with the “women” issues. This also continues the “wag the dog” style war on women that will keep the electorate distracted from the issues that matter – jobs, the crappy economy, rising gas prices – and, oh yeah, nobody look, but Iran and Israel are about to explode and the Russians are threatening to take out our missile defense systems in Easter Europe…..enjoy your free contraception…

If you were a super hero, what super hero would you be?
LK: I’ve always been a Batman fan b/c I want to be rich with all the fun toys…but I’d be any one of them if I could sing: “AMERICA! F- YEAH!”

VAC: I believe I have a very close kinship to Superman, as every day we fight for truth, justice, and the Republican way….


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