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Theories for you to Disregard Completely (4.26.12): Bloggers, Breitbart, and Bronies

“Rock ‘n’ roll is an attitude, it’s not a musical form of a strict sort. It’s a way of doing things, of approaching things. Writing can be rock ‘n’ roll, or a movie can be rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a way of living your life.” – Lester Bangs

“Conservatism too.” – John Brodigan

Tonight on THE RIGHT HOOK, our headline guest is Kurt Schlichter, who has introduced us all to “Bronies” thanks to his article: TERRIFYING NEW TREND: GROWN MEN WHO DIG ‘MY LITTLE PONY’. We’ll also be talking to Andrew Staroska from Truth About Bills and Katie Hendrick from (besides a number of blogs), her twitter page. 🙂 It’s all tonight at 8:00 PM on the Mighty

Schlichter also had another great piece up on Breitbart, POLITICAL MONEYBALL: THE CONSERVATIVE STRATEGY FOR WINNING THE FIGHT COMING AFTER THE ELECTION. Y’all should check it out.

Speaking of Breitbart…I don’t particularly care what Media Matters thinks of anything, and quite frankly get tired of seeing the nonsense that comes from Eric Bohlert and Oliver Willis retweeted into my timeline. I get why people do it and it’s cool if that’s your thing, but it’s just not my fight. That being said…is the new leftist talking point really going to be that cats like Dana Loesch and Ben Shapiro are “destroying the legacy of Andrew Breitbart?!?” I know they say that the only good conservative is a dead conservative (i.e. the lefts sudden respect for Ronald Reagan or William F. Buckley), and never mind that the statement is absolute horseshit (as is their concern about Breitbart’s “legacy”); it really is kind of galling how stupid these people think we are.

BREAKING ON MMFA: If Andrew Breitbart were alive today, he totes would have supported Hillary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney.

I’ve been fascinated by the hidden conservatism in hip hop and punk rock, and there was a great article on the later. Give the whole thing a read, but this part of of it should go in a syllabus for teaching conservatism to youngins: A D.I.Y. YOUTH LEADS TO AN ENTREPRENEURIAL ADULTHOOD. The term “Do It Yourself” was hardcore punk’s balls-out code of honor. If you wanted a band to come to your town, you’d write them a letter, agree on a portion of the door, and plaster the city with flyers. It didn’t matter if you were only a teenager. You made it happen no matter what. At 17 I got a call from some bureaucrat at the public transit authority who said they were prosecuting me for vandalism because my show’s flyer was pasted to a bus-stop shelter. I knew they had no proof it was me so instead of confessing, I explained that the bands on the flyer have many devout followers and it must have been one of them. This is a great lesson for a future entrepreneur.

BREAKING ON MMFA: If Andrew Breitbart were alive today, he’d be embarrassed that his supporters were making jokes about President Obama eating a dog, and would never EVER laugh at them, or even retweet his favourite ones.

Your song of the day:

Look for my review of Chael Sonnen’s book tomorrow and Jonah Goldberg’s on Monday. Also, my special “Bring MMA to NY” show will be up on the site later today with Assemblyman Dean Murray (R-NY), Steven Crowder (Fox News) and Arlene Delgado (Breitbart, National Review).

I owe it to the people.

That’s what she said.

Brodigan out.


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