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REVIEW: Chael Sonnen’s “The Voice of Reason: A VIP Pass to Enlightenment”

I hated Chael Sonnen at first.

I was one of those UFC fans who made the transition from the WWE, so his “heel wrestler” schitck wasn’t doing it for me. But little by little, the more I read about him and the more I watched him fight, I found myself becoming a fan. After reading “The Voice of Reason: A VIP Pass to Enlightenment,” not only am I a fan, but for the first time I’ll be supporting someone other than Anderson Silva in an Anderson Silva fight.

Everything you love (or hate) about Chael is in this book: attitude, humor, cockiness, overly opinionated, and insulting to those who aren’t him. What I liked best was that it wasn’t linear. I hate those books where an athlete will talk about his meager beginnings, how he fought his way through school, until the last chapter where he reached the top and thanked his mom.

The book reads like, as Chael thought of something, he started a new chapter on it. You start with an intro then jump to a day in the life before a fight, head up to Portland, then jump to politics, then more biography, then his favorite walk-in songs, then the first Anderson Silva fight, then more politics, back to biography, then the history of MMA, then philosophy…until he didn’t feel like writing anymore. Instead of starting the book and skipping the first 100 pages until the interesting parts, I read straight through because he kept my attention.

The politics was also something that I appreciated personally, because as a conservative, we have so few young and/or relevant “celebrities” who are willing to admit that they are a conservative in the closed minded and intolerant world of the entertainment industry (sports falls under that too). A little less Jon Lovitz and that guy who is all the Adam Sandler movies and a lot more Chael Sonnen can help introduce conservatism to a whole new audience that either doesn’t realize that they are conservative, or that people even have an opposing viewpoint in the first place.

Obviously if you are already an MMA fan, you’re going to love this book even if you hate the author. Personally, I’ll be recommending this book not only to my political friends try to get them into MMA, but to anyone I know who is becoming interested in the sport in general.

They may start off hating Chael when they start the book, but they be a fan by the time they finish it.

And if not, he’ll already have your money, so why would he care?


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