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FRIENDLY FIRE: Congressional Redistricting and Peyton Manning

They fight and fight. They fight and fight and fight…Lynn Krogh and Vince Casale might play for the same team, but that doesn’t mean they agree about anything. Welcome to FRIENDLY FIRE! This week: the NY GOP convetion, chapter 217 on redistricting…and Peyton Manning.

People are starting to look at the NY Primary as the next big “get” in the Presidential race. How does the state break down, especially considering that unlike in 2008 the delegates are proportional?
Vince Casale: For a State, like New York that appears in line with supporting Romney we didn’t do him any favors with the proportional splitting of delegates. As a “winner takes all” state, NY had much more to offer a candidate like Romney who would have easily won a popular vote contest statewide. Now watch for other candidates, especially Santorum to take some upstate CDs wit him. I also would not be surprised to see Ron Paul grab a CD as well.

Lynn Krogh: I think Romney does well statewide. In the North Country, Santorum does well. on LI Romney does well. It’ll be interesting seeing the candidates actually stump in NY.

There have been 217 more redistricting maps out since we last spoke to you. On an average, who did well, who didn’t?
VC: Ann Marie Buerkle added a lot of much needed conservative territory and Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks has a great district cut for her. On the flip side, Chris Gibson losing Saratoga County is not good for him and I believe Kathy Hochul will have a tough re-elect in front of her as long as the GOP can swimmingly navigate the crowded field that is starting to line up against her.

LK: As we discuss on this week’s Friendly Fire on The Right Hook, losers include Rep. Gary Ackerman and Rep. Bob Turner. Winners include Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and soon-to-be Rep. Matt Doheny.

The NY GOP convention was last week. How do we look going into November?
VC: Make no mistake, taking out Gillibrand will not be an easy task. I really wish we could have avoided a Primary and moved right to making her our target, but once again the powers that be have made our path to victory a little harder and longer. There are a lot of reason why only ONE of the three candidates rise to the top, but to simplify – I’d put my money on the only one who can pronounce the opponents name correctly…. (Ghelabrand/Geelybrand)

LK: We (as in Wendy Long who is our candidate for US Senate, READ: DISCLAIMER) are in excellent shape. She’s a phenomenal candidate who blew away the competition at the GOP convention and will be the nominee of the Conservative convention tomorrow! Can’t wait for the Primary to end so our only opposition is Kirsten Gillibrand.

Peyton Manning: Dolphins, Jets, or somewhere else?
VC: Boomer Esiason, Vinny Testaverde, Brett Favre…. Payton is in his prime for the J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS…

LK: I’m desperate and I’m a dolphins fan. You could bring me Grandma Manning and I’d be thrilled.


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