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Rob Astorino, Greg Ball, and Wendy Long TONIGHT on THE RIGHT HOOK

While the Democrats launch coordinated political attacks against talk show hosts, we’ve got that full frontal conservatism you demand week after week from…THE RIGHT HOOK.

This week, “Don’t Forget Your Roots” month continues with what is easily my most favorite show we’ve ever done. Seriously, you wanna get you some of…

–>Rob Astorino, county executive of Westchester, to discuss his reform agenda, his dust up with the Obama Administration, and travelling to the Vatican to see the installation of Cardinal Dolan.

–>Greg Ball, state senator from Putnam, reviewing all the issues he worked on in his first term including taxes, the economy, cost of living, and fracking.

–>And in AN EXLUSIVE to The Right Hook, Wendy Long, candidate for US Senate, to tell us why she’s running and what she has to do to defeat Sen. Kristen Gilligan.

It’s all tonight, March 8th, at 8:00 PM on The Mighty FTR RADIO!

Tune in at


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