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FRIENDLY FIRE: Insanity in the GOP, LINsanity Everywhere Else

They fight and fight. They fight and fight and fight…Lynn Krogh and Vince Casale might play for the same team, but that doesn’t mean they agree about anything. Welcome to a new weekly feature on the blog…FRIENDLY FIRE! This week: The GOP race (from) the Whote House, Gas Prices, and LINsanity!

Prediction time: AZ/MI Primaries, than Super Tuesday
MI – If Romney holds on, it’s a win he should have had from the start, so he shouldn’t get a big pat on the back for coming from behind and having to dump a ton of money into a “home” state. If Santorum wins, Romney should be nervous, which is why he dumped all the money he did into coming from behind.

Super Tuesday – Or should that be “Snoozer” Tuesday – No surprises… Newt in Georgia, Romney in all those liberal Northeast states and Santorum in Ohio. The only real story would be a big win for Santorum in a swing state. I believe the delegates count won’t significantly make a difference and all the candidates will continue on from there. BTW – I hope I’m wrong and it’s really exciting and breaks the stalemate.

LYNN KROGH: AZ – Romney.
MI – Romney, if anyone else, this could get ugly.
Super Tuesday – I sure hope that by then the electorate wakes up and realizes that the harder right we go, the harder it will be to fight for the middle votes in the general. Newt should win GA. Romney should do well in the Northeast, but Santorum won’t be far behind at all. Romney should also take Ohio. BROKERED CONVENTION!!! BROKERED CONVENTION!!!

Who should be on the Veep list (excluding Marco Rubio, because he’s on everyones)?
VAC: Tim Pawlenty, Susana Martinez, John Thune

LK: John Thune, Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie

How should the GOP attack on gas prices…knowing that if they can go up, they can go down before election day as well?
VAC: Attack the sh*t out of Obama now! He’s at a 45% approval. I would try to get that number as low as possible as quick as possible and then even if they lower gas prices before the election it won’t be enough. Obama is like a person on life support, every day we keep him alive, he gets a little better and his chances of survival improve.

LK: Tie it to foreign control. China owns us more and more everyday… We could produce our own and be more self-reliant, owing the middle east less and less if allowed for more hydrofracking. What a crazy idea right?? Ridiculous. This problem can be on the path to solution if our government would just get out of the way.

Is Jeremy Lin overrated, or as good as everyone is saying?
VAC: Of course he is overrated. But I’m not saying he isn’t good either. This is New York where the only thing we love to do more than build up our heroes, is to watch them fall. While New York sports fans are “Linsane” over him now – they will boo just as loud when the time comes…

LK: He’s certainly good — Look, I’m 5’4 1/2″ tall (don’t forget the half!) and I am a Krogh — we play baseball and football. Basketball was something we did when we were bored and our bike chains were broken and we had no batteries for our flashlights for hide and go seek in the dark. Uh, we didn’t really play that much… Anyone who can shoot AND score is good in my book.


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