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Scott Brown: Condoms and Catholics

You’ve heard the criticisms aboot Scott Brown, on how he stabbed the tea party in the back and is no different than a RINO liberal, and how we shouldn’t support him and blah, blah, blah, yackity schmackity. And to be fair, I’ve been criticial too that he’s not finding hard enough against his probable opponent Elizabeth Warren.

So when an issue pops up, where the Obama Campaign and democrat party decided that “seperation of church an state” is no longer a tenent of liberalism they hold dear, and want to force Catholic hospitals and charities to vioate their conscience just so Obama can have a campaign issue, of course a RINO like Scott Brown would support him living in liberal (though highly Catholic) Massacusetts.

Well, actually

This latest mandate under government-controlled health care is one reason why I campaigned and voted against Obamacare in the first place. It operates by broad dictation from Washington, showing no respect for the judgment, needs or rights of individual Americans and the states. And it opens the door to endless abuses of power such as this latest mandate.

This is why I strongly support a bipartisan bill in the Senate that provides a conscience exemption from the Obamacare mandate. In effect, the bill would simply restore the relevant laws on conscience protection that existed before Obamacare removed them.

Critics would have you believe America would be turning back to the Dark Ages where evil employers would deny coverage for any illness at their personal whim. In fact, we would be returning to the way things were in 2010. There was no epidemic of employers objecting to routine insurance services then, and there will not be in the future.

The legislation I support borrows language directly from a bill sponsored by the late Sen. Kennedy in 1995, which provided an exemption for health care workers so they would not be required to provide “an item or service” they found objectionable based on “religious belief or moral conviction.”

I know Scott Brown is a RINO who is no different than a liberal socialist, but I kinda doubt a Democrat Senator in Massachusettes would have writen an editorial like that, let alone be co-sponsoring the bill.

And it what may or may or not be a coicedence since the Democrat Party decided they no long believe in seperation of church and state, Warren has gone from a two point lead to a NINE POINT DEFICIT. It’s still February and November is a life time away, but Brown is at least showing he was the fire in him to fight.



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