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Thank You, God Bless, and Fuck Cancer

I’ve been doing social media since the turn of the century. I was actually in the bubble when it burst, and watched my company’s stock go from $18 to $.18 in nine months.

My beat used to be professional wresting, and in 1998 I was backstage at a WWF RAW show and saw this guy named Bill Apter, who was the top wrestling journalist at the time. I thought he was a weenie, and since I was a 24 year old asshole at the time (we didn’t have “snark” back then), I said so in my column.

Turns out he used to read it, because he e-mailed me the next day.

The next year, we found out in the worst way possible that we were the official wrestling site of something called “The Trench Coat Mafia.”

Some thirteen years later, I still have trouble grasping the concept that there are people who read what I have to say or even care what I think about shit in the first place. Yet over the past five months, when a request went out for prayers, the response was overwhelming. The love you’ve shown me and my family when the most I’m ever actually met any of you was four times…I can’t even find the words.

After helping Fingers Malloy and I raise $5000 to honor our parents who died of cancer, it’s hard to even think about before I start acting like my last name is Boehner instead of Brodigan.

On behalf of my mom, my sister, and my soon to be niece (who will only be a week old when the “Surreal American Hero” tour rolls in BlogCon), from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your love and support, and for honoring my dad in this way.

May God bless and keep all of you.

And fuck cancer.


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