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Wendy Long for Senate? Interesting…

I keep hearing the name Wendy Long being thrown around as a potential opponent for Sen. Kristen Gilligan this year. No, she’s not related to conservative party chair Mike Long, though he does sound like a fan after meeting her at the NY-CPAC…

“I have to admit that Wendy Long was more decisive on issues, more clear-cut. She understands the Constitution very clearly. She clerked for (US Supreme Court Justice) Clarence Thompson. She worked in the United States Senate for Senator (Robert) Humphreys and Senator (William) Armstrong, so she has a real grasp of the issues…She may not make the run, but if she does make the run, I think she does well.”

I’m not sure about any business/economic background she has, but she seems to have a strong legal mind, is media savvy, and pisses off the left with her support for the confirmations of Roberts and ALito, and opposition to Sotomayor.

As they say on the blogs, DEVELOPING…


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