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Greg Ball: The Most Conservative Senator in the Least Conservative State

Don’t let the smug title fool you, I really am a big fan of Greg Ball’s. It’s just when I hear the “most Conservative of New York” it’s a little like being named the skinniest kid at fat camp. That said, New York State Conservative Party did recently give him their “Highest Conservative Rating” award…

“Senator Ball certainly held up the values of the conservative party last year,” Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long said. “I hope he continues to do the same this session and that his fellow legislators follow his lead.”

“Chairman Long has been an exceptional Conservative leader in a very blue state and being presented this award from such a Conservative hero is humbling,” Senator Ball said. “As a grassroots candidate I have won some very tough elections by remaining true to my core and always being able to rely upon my hardworking, patriotic base of supporters, I accept this award for them and in their honor.”

All joking aside, Greg Ball is a perfect example of how to be a conservative in a blue state: conservative in policy, moderate in temperment. You know his convictions and where stands, and he does it without screaming SOCIALISM and flailing his arms around. I may not agree with him on everything (fracking), but agreeing with someone eight or nine issues out of ten is ok for me,

Congrats Sen. Ball!


2 responses to “Greg Ball: The Most Conservative Senator in the Least Conservative State

  1. Mrecca ⋅

    Not that I take a position on this but it is funny that Tea Partiers in N. Westchester are considering a Primary because of his positions on issues.|newswell|text|News|s

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