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Proponents of Limited Government are not Proponents of Limited Drinking 2 (#CPAC 2012 edition)

I used that as the title for last years recap, and since it’s every bit as appropriate as it was last year, I’ve decided to make it my official recap for when I travel to these various conventions throughout the year!

The Experience – The thing I like best about having blogger credentials are these various events, besides getting to connect with friends I usually only know from a 100 x 100 avatar, is the constant reminder of how I need to step up my game. I stepped it up from last year. I arranged interviews ahead of time and stalked the lobby outside the blogger’s lounge armed with my voice recorder.

Where I need to step up my game now is when it comes to radio, which I know after spending five hours broadcasting live next to Fingers Malloy. I still have the awkward feeling “talking to no one” during the few times I brought us back to commercial, and I can be too tense doing an actual interview. I’m a lot more relaxed when it’s a conversation amongst friends, or as a guest on a podcast. Speaking of which…

The Misfits – I wasn’t there at last years BlogCon, to this was the first chance I got to meet the crue from Misfit Politics and I absolutely love those guys. What they do is a blue print for what I think the movement needs to do grow and attract younger activists, so cheers to Brandon, Ezra, Cole, Erin and the rest. #altCon’s unite!

The Speeches – I actually missed most of the speeches, but when you follow politics closely it’s kinda like seeing the same band in concert too many times. You like the songs, but you find yourself saying “meh, Mitt Romney was better on the ’89 tour.” Out of the ones I caught, Marco Rubio’s was my least favourite…only because he was giving it and none of the three presidential candidates were, reminding us why sp many wanted him to run and none of the three presidential candidates.

Then there was Sarah Palin, who gave a great speech that had the audience eating out of her hands…and that I would be more exciting aboot if at any point in the past four years she came up with any serious policy positions instead of stringing her supporters along and showing up at various primary events to upstage the candidates who were actually running.

The Protesters –The chanting. The buying a ticket and waiting on line for hours just to yell at Sarah Palin. The claiming you’re non-partisan. The being paid to protest and not know what you’re protesting. The calling yourself grassroots when you show up with the same signs, wearing the same shirts, and standing in front of a giant inflatable “fat cat” that was made by non-union workers in Mexico. Y’all are adorable. And I felt very 1% mocking you on the balcony of a fifth floor suite. Hey, that’s where one of the (many) open bars were.

The Miscellany – If I hear one more teleprompter joke, especially when standing in front of two Teleprompters, I’m going to pick them up and beat you to death two handed sword style…Don’t tip the bartenders at the hotel. Their service sucks, the drinks are over priced to begin with, and they don’t buy back. Save it for when you go to a real bar…Dress for the season, not the weather. I was expecting high 40s/low 50s. What I got instead was frostbite standing in an arctic tundra while waiting for a cab…Listen to your own advice. I told the womens to wear comfortable shoes. I didn’t…I got an owie…Conservatives have the oddest collection of celebrities: Kirk Cameron, Chuck Woolery, and the guy who is in all the Adam Sandler movies…saying “excuse me while I whip this out” when you take something out of your pocket will never not be funny.

See you in April when we Occupy the CLT for Blogcon!


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