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FRIENDLY FIRE: Republicans in 2012…it stinks!

They fight and fight. They fight and fight and fight. Fight, fight, fight. Fight fight fight…Lynn Krogh and Vince Casale might play for the same team, but that doesn’t mean they agree about anything. Welcome to a new weekly feature on the blog…FRIENDLY FIRE!

So, Mitt Romney’s pretty much got this thing won, right?
LYNN KROGH: No, but the inevitability of Romney is certainly a very real, tangible thing that Gingrich et al are having to deal with, on and off the debate stage… Not only among GOPers, but among everyday Americans, many believe that Romney will get the nomination. And who doesn’t want to back a winner? While it’s harder and harder for Santorum and Gingrich, even though together they have more votes than Romney, I still believe there’s a fighting chance. Hell, only 112 delegates have been handed out to date, when 1144 are needed to capture the nomination. For a gal like me who’s been known to wage a decent convention war, I believe that this fight is still very winnable for Gingrich. Santorum & Paul need to go.

VINCE CASALE: No, not won but certainly in control. Even though people think Gingrich carries all the baggage… I think we’re still standing at the luggage carousel when it comes to Mitt Romeny. I think there’s more to come and there’s more than enough time for him to take another dive. We’ve only been through 4 contests thus far and I want to buy into the delusion that NY’s delegate count is important. I also wouldn’t rule out another Newt surge… I believe he has one more in him. In other words, let the shit show continue.

Is it safe to say Obama will be re-elected?
LK: No Way!! There’s a lot of game left. I’m hopeful that the GOP nominee will have the ability to energize the base, take control of the White House and ultimately lead our nation off this current nose dive we’re taking.

VC: Probably. I’m hoping Republicans didn’t drop the ball on this one, but all I hear is how no one likes any of the choices. How “Gingrich has too much baggage” and “Romney doesn’t have what it takes to win.” I won’t even bring up the Mormon issue, which could take up a full episode of the right hook alone. Unless a white knight candidate appears or something profound happens on the floor of the convention in Orlando, it could be tough to topple a guy who is an artful campaigner and will have the money to cover up for his poor performance these last four years. Without a strong candidate who can bring moderate Republicans and Conservative together, the election becomes Obama vs. anybody but Obama, and I’m not sure, at the end of the day, we win that type of race. The good news is there is still a lot of time for Obama to worsen his standing or for the Republicans to get their act together… … WHERE ARE YOU JEB BUSH?!?!

Do you see any good news for Republicans in 2012?
LK: I’m liking how NY is looking right now!!! Here in NY, we have an incredible opportunity: solid candidates looking to unseat Congressional Democratic incumbents, great Republicans like Nan Hayworth and Tom Reed who we need to keep in office and our last chance at Gillibrand… We have opportunity. We need to seize it, very much like we did in 2010.

VC: Yes, 2016 is only 4 years away.

Giants or Patriots
LK: As a diehard Miami Dolphins fan, there’s ZERO chance I could ever root for the Patriots… GO GIANTS!

VC: As a diehard NY Jets fan, there’s ZERO chance I could ever root for the Patriots… GO GIANTS!


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