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The CPACs and an Ode to Thomas LaDuke

A week from today I’ll be filling my flasks with bourbon, ironing my best t-shirts, and hoping on a train down to Washington DC for the CPACs. This is my third CPACs, and the event holds a special place in my heart because it’s the unofficial anniversary of The Right Hook. It was also two years ago I first met Tom LaDuke.

Just to clear the air, and contrary to popular belief, LaDuke isn’t as big of an asshole I pretend to think he is on teh internets. Actually, he’s the reason you’re reading this right now because he’s the one who first put me on the air. That’s right, it’s all his fault.

Originally it was going to be my first podcast “PC LIVE” with my hetero-lifemate Mark Radulich, but when that show ended I started doing “The Right Hook” for the YRs. After broadcasting in a hidden room of NRCC the night before CPACs ’10, I headed over to the Marriott with executive producer Lynn Krogh, sat down with LaDuke, and after a few cocktails I was set to debut on then RFC Radio once I got back. We even made the announcement live on the air as part of RFC’s CPACs coverage.

Fast forward two years. RFC is now FTR, and I’m a credential blogger for the second year in a row, still shocked after all these years that anyone actually listens to me or even gives a shit what I think aboot things in the first place. There’s a small list of people who I have to thank for that, and LaDuke is one of them.

Whenever he’s on the show and I play Zac Brown introducing Kid Rock, “please make welcome, from Detroit, Michigan, my good friend and big brother in this business,” it’s not totally saracastic…mainly because he IS a lot older than I am.


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