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Paul Ryan on the ‘Buffett Rule’: “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere!”

No wait, that’s the JIMMY Buffett rule. And we’re not talking aboot the rule where you wash your hands and don’t double dip in the salsa. This Buffett rule is named after Warren Buffett who chooses to pay less in taxes than his secretary, whines about how unfair it is, and now President Obama wants to raise taxes on millionaires (or 250k-a-year-aires, I haven’t seen the details) because MIC CHECK we are the 99%.

Paul Ryan doesn’t think the President has the grapefruits

“What we have learned from the president time and again is he is going to put some kind of a poll-tested line in the State of the Union address and have no follow up whatsoever. All Obama is really giving Americans is “a future of debt, doubt and decline. We have learned already that the president, who’s had three years to try and propose real solutions to fix our fiscal crisis, is ducking it. He hasn’t put a plan on the table yet. He formed commissions and super committees, so he sort of outsourced the leadership only to decry their results. So, we are not getting the leadership we need from the White House at a time when we need it the most.”

Here’s my issue with the “Buffett Rule,” and it has nothing to do with the recent revelations that his secretary bought a second home and probably makes between 200-500k a year (something that if she had been an unlicensed plumber who was playing football with her son when Barack Obama came walking down he block, the media would have investigated). It’s the gross hypocrisy coming Warren Buffett, which is even a bit much by left wing standards.

If he’s really that upset that his secretary pays less in money, he’s more than happy to not exploit the loopholes that allow him to pay less in taxes. He can not hire his lawyers and accountants to find those loopholes to exploit. He can send and in kind gift to the treasury because he thinks he wasn’t taxed enough. Or, he can just pay his secretary more money and/or offer to pay her taxes for her.

I mean, he has so much and she has so much less. That’s FAIR!

The other thing we can get serious aboot closing the loopholes and other corporate welfare that allow him to pay less, which if the left would stop demogauging Paul Ryan they would he’s a big advocate of doing, as are any of the rest of us who are serious aboot actual tax reform.


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