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Meet Brian Maher

I’ve been preaching for months if people are that disgusted by our choices for President yet and haven’t #headdesked themselves into a coma yet, focus on local races. Find better leaders so we’re never stuck with what we’re stuck with again. I want you to meet one of them, Brian Maher.

Brian, besides being one of my boys, is currently the mayor from Walden, NY, and just announced an exploratory committee to run for New York Assembly. If you meet him, you see that he has what I call the “Santos Factor,” named after Jimmy Smitt’s character from “The West Wing.” It’s those leaders who you meet and instantly believe in so much, you wind up on their doorstep just because they’re “the one.”

That’s Brian…

“Right now, I am taking this time to learn about this proposed district and the critical issues facing the many diverse towns and villages contained in it. I have had the privilege over the past few days to speak with the party chairs in this district for the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties. I enjoyed talking with them and learning more about their counties. I explained to them that I already have an organized campaign committee with a website and money in the bank. I am ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.”

Maher said there are a number of issues that are unique to this district bedsides those that are facing the state as a whole. Fracking, NYC watershed, agriculture and jobs are critical issues facing this area. Maher also noted the major hit the region took from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. “I look forward to working with the communities in this district to help these towns get the aid they so desperately need and to be the strong voice in Albany that will get things accomplished. Most of this new district has been represented by quality Republican assembly members like Pete Lopez, Cliff Crouch and Nancy Calhoun. While those members go on to potentially represent new territory, I look forward to continuing their advocacy and fine work for the constituents of this area.”

For more a Brian and/or to make a donation, head to


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