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UFC on FOX 2 Predictions

It’s funny, and don’t tell Dana White, but I’m actually more looking forward to the free card this Saturday at “UFC on FOX 2” than I have any of the PPV’s in a while. The Cain vs. Dos Santos fight may have disappointed some people, but I would be shocked if each these three fights didn’t deliver. Two out of the three are even for future title fights! Let’s get it on…

They had to move some cats around due to injury, and Weidman only had eleven days notice before taking the fight, but the dude is a beast. He’s undefeated by way of seven fights most people haven’t even noticed (finishing five) and I just don’t see him losing in his first featured bout. Sorry Maia, but respect The L.I. son!
WINNER: Chris Weidman

Ok, Sonnen is starting to grow on me. I hated him at first, but having CM Punk walk in with him (even thought Vince McMahon is a dumb bastard and killed it) and purposely being cordial to Bisping just because the media is expecting trash talk…I can respect that. And while Mike Bisping is one of my favourites, I just think Sonnen is a better fight. That, and I want the soccer stadium match in Brazil against Anderson Silva.
WINNER: Chael Sonnen

If there was going to be an upset on the card it would be this fight, but I don’t see it. Besides Rashad being the more experienced fighter, he’s been waiting to regain the title for over a year now. Davis may be the better wrestler, but Evans is the hungrier fighter.
WINNER: Rashad Evans


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