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Marc Cenedella to Kirsten Gillibrand: “Do You Know ANYTHING About teh Internets?”

You know for a political novice, Marc Cenedella handled his first campaign “scandal” quite the well.

The scandal? He and a few college friends used to run a blog that can best be described as “frat humor.” This information was leaked to the NY Times by, as they put it, “one of his rivals.” I had originally thought it may have been a Republican challenger who was endorsed by his local party the day before, but all signs point to it being current NY Sen. Kristen Gilligan…what with the Democrat pile on calling him sexist, Paladino Jr., four eyes and so on.

Obviously this means his campaign is over before it was officially announced right? Apparently not. The story got squashed in three seeming easily steps. First, man up to it:

“I can’t tell you which author wrote which one,” he said. “I’m the publisher, I take responsibility for the whole thing.”

Second, punch back:

“I think her smears hurt her chances,” said Cenedella, who would be making his first run for office. “What I know is jobs and when I go around the state people tell me they need to bring jobs to NYS. The only job she cares about is her own. Getting smeared by a U.S. senator has made me a lot more optimistic about my chances.”

Third, stay on message, which in this case is Sen. Gilligan supporting internet censorship:

“It is unfortunate to see our junior New York Senator totally immersed in Washington-style politics,” Mr. Cenedella said. “If, indeed, she took more than $600,000 in Hollywood cash and then did its bidding over the interests of her own constituents, she does not belong in public office. There are unanswered questions out there about whether she even read the bill before putting her name on it.”

It’s going to take a lot to get me excited aboot any state wide race here in New York, and God only know who else might get in the race and who the NY GOP would pick. Cenedella does how ever continue to impress.

“NY Dems call Marc Cenedella ‘Paladino Jr.’ No. Cendella is a consistent, principled man w/self control. And frat humor isn’t horse porn.” – Michael Caputo

UPDATE: It may have helped if I used the sarcasm font, but when I type “Gillibrand,” it gets spell checked as “Gilligan.” Who am I to argue with my smartphone?


2 responses to “Marc Cenedella to Kirsten Gillibrand: “Do You Know ANYTHING About teh Internets?”

  1. M ⋅

    Her name is Kirsten Gillibrand, not Kristen Gilligan. If you did one ounce of research I’d be more likely to take you seriously.

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