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National Review: NASCAR is for RINOs, the UFC is for Truuuuue Conservatives

Where we also introduce you to Arlen Delgado, who (I believe) you’ll be hearing a lot more from on our little blog right here, and her great piece that found it’s way to National Review.

I have long been saying the UFC is a great way to introduce conservatism to a young audience without them realizing they’re being introduced to conservatism. Never mind the jive here in New York where labor unions and their minions in the Democrat controlled assembly are essentially what’s blocking the sport from being legalized in the state, each fighter is essentially their own small business and/or CEO of their own corporation (depending on how successful the blogger is.

Then you have some of the fighters themselves, like the timid, introverted Chael Sonnen…

While interviewing Chael Sonnen earlier this month, I asked why there are so many conservative fighters in MMA. Sonnen (who will fight on FOX this Saturday) explained: “Part of being a liberal is to not take a stand on anything. Part of being a liberal is to just say, ‘Yeah, do anything you want.’ It’s having no convictions, it’s not standing up, it’s not putting your foot down. It’s ‘Go with the flow and do what you want.’ And if you’re an MMA guy, you’re a tough guy; if you’re a tough guy, you generally have courage; and if you have courage, you’re not afraid to stand up and say, ‘This is wrong.’ And if you’re a person who’s willing to do that, for the most part, that makes you a conservative.”

While Dana White keeps his political views private, he provided a glimpse of them while blasting President Obama’s anti-business policies during a July 2011 appearance on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show (Kilmeade, of Fox & Friends, is an MMA fan). When asked what Washington can do to help boost the economy, White vented: “I have no idea what can be done other than — get somebody else in there! It’s scary right now what’s happening in this country. He [Obama] just came out recently, too, and talked about [how] the problem in this country is private airplanes. What?! The problem with this country is private airplanes? Everything this guy [Obama] says and attacks is an industry where people work and have money. . . This guy is anti-business. . . . This country is against building big business now! Which is insane!”

Give the whole article a read, and welcome Arlen to the team. 🙂


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