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Education Reform and Van Halen TONIGHT on THE RIGHT HOOK

It’s Thursday, it’s 8:00. You know what you want it as bad as we want to wrap our legs around your torso and give to you. It’s conservative podcasting’s answer to Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s your anthem for the underground where the RINOs and the Radicals come together as one. MIC CHECK! This. Is. THE RIGHT HOOK.

Hosted as always by the rated R Republican, the blogging Assassin, and not only a voice for the voice but the heart and soul of Young Republicans nationwide…the L.I.’s own Brodigan.

And this week, we have a very special episode prepared. As we get ready for the start of school choice week, we’ll be talking to some experts in the field of education reform.

Lindsey Burke is a senior policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation. She joins us to talk about Education Savings Account, recaps what the Wall Street Journal called “the year of education reform,” and tells us some of the exciting reform that are going on in the state level.

Bob Bowdon is the director of “The Cartel” and founder of ChoiceMediaTV. A New Jersey native, he tells us about the reform plan recently announced by Gov. Chris Christie, the reaction he’s received from both his movie and the new website, and just who exactly “The Cartel” is.

Anthony Scuderi is a parent and activist here on the L.I. looking to save LaSalle Regional, one of the Catholic grammar schools that were just announced were going to be closing. He shares with us his experience trying to convert the school into a charter/academy, the reaction from the community, as well as the reaction (or lack there of) from the diocease.

And to wash away the yuck of their new video, we’re playing old school Van Halen throughout the episode: “Mean Streets,” “Tom Jimmy,” “Everybody Wants Some,” “House of Pain,” and “Hot for Teacher.”

You can listen TONIGHT (January 19th) at 8:00 PM!


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