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Kirsten Gillibrand Wants to Censor the Internet. Her Opponent Doesn’t.

My facts might be a little off because Wikipedia is down today, but NY Sen. Kristen Gilligan is one of the co-sponsors of the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) (my congressman unfortunately is a co-sponsor of the House version, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)). You can find out more aboot both here. Long story short, Sen. Gilligan wants to censor the internets and her possible opponent Marc Cendella is having none of it.

Cendella, who is exploring a potential Senate run, knows a thing or to aboot the internets, what with him being the founder and CEO of He had this to say…

“It could cost New York thousands of jobs. It is a very dangerous and potentially damaging bill to the nascent information technology community here in New York City…The tech industry is a sector that is actually growing here in New York, so it’s awful that we have a senator sponsoring legislation that is goofing that up. This is what happens when Congress tries to regulate things it knows nothing about. You wouldn’t sponsor this bill if you knew how the Internet works…Sen. Gilllibrand should have done her homework before sponsoring it”

This issue could not be any more tailor-made for Marc Cendella and both his background and expertise. Now the GOP just has to not drop the ball and nominate someone else.


One response to “Kirsten Gillibrand Wants to Censor the Internet. Her Opponent Doesn’t.

  1. Neil Blam ⋅

    Actually, I need no further impetus to not support Sen. Gillibrand.

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