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Newt Gingrich’s Last Stand (and a Lesson for Future Candidates)

Yeah, so my endorsement with Newt Gingrich took a turn after that whole “When Bain Came to Town” fiasco. Questioning Mitt Romney’s job creation? Good. Hiring the Occupy Wall Street audio/visual squad direct your commercials? Not so much. I was content transitioning from NotRomney to voting NotObama, and was focusing on other races.

Then comes the debate, where Newt reminded us why so many were willing to look past all the baggage. I’m sure you heard the Juan Williams smack down…

Whether or not he can overcome Romney’s lead in South Carolina, we’ll find out Saturday. But I want all future candidates, and all other Republicans or Conservatives who want to raise their national profile, to practice three things Newt does that none of our other candidates even try…

1. Take the liberal premise
2. Turn it around
3. Correct them
4. Throw it back in their faces and fight back

If only Mitt Romney had been a debate moderator…


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