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Get to Know the L.I.’s Own Tom Cilmi

There’s this cat out here on The L.I. I’m rapidly becoming a fan of, Suffolk legislator Tom Cilmi. Most legislators seem to just be interested in having their picture taken at parades and attending grand openings, but Cilmi appears more focused on issues and a small government ideology there isn’t nearly enough of on the local level.

He’s also down with Great South Bay Brewery; a local business that I know has held tastings at his fundraisers before. 🙂

There are two things that have particularly grabbed my attention…which I should point out, is because of the way he engages people via social media. Actually, three things. The first is the way he engages people via social media.

The second is that he’s vocally interested in Presidential race, where most other local official’s interests appear to begin and end in a letter they signed supporting Romney. Cilmi is a Gingrich supporter (I’ve soured on Newt a little after he hired the Occupy Wall Street audio-visual squad to direct his commercials) and is always posting his thoughts on the race and the debates on his Facebook page. He also brought up an excellent point on yesterday’s debate: As someone who, in 2009, was told “No Republican has ever won in Islip with just the Republican line on the ballot,” and as someone who won with 60% of the vote that year in my first election, I resent all of this talk that winning South Carolina is a prerequisite to the Republican Presidential nomination.”

The third thing is something he did yesterday…sent out a list of all the legislation he’s sponsored in the county legislature. I’ll be damned if I know what my own legislators do, but Cilmi has sixteen different bills all designed to reduce the cost of government, eliminate wate, and/or save tax payers money. Weird, huh?

He’s only starting his third year in office, and far be it for me to rush people into higher office. However he is in Steve Israel’s district, and I wouldn’t mind taking a serious shot at it…one of these days.

For now, when you hear me ranting at people to take their frustration with our Presidential choices and focus it locally, it’s folks like Tom Cilmi I usually have in mind.


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