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I Don’t Give a F*** About Greg Ball’s Facebook Page

I’m admittedly a fan of Sen. Greg Ball, but this is still possibly the dumbest story of the year, even as far as New York politics go. Long story short, apparently Sen. Ball (or someone on his staff) deleted a comment from a constituent from his Facebook page and unfriended her, and she’s been whining aboot being “censored” ever since.

Never mind the fact that I’m not sure how much taxpayer money is being spent on a free service like Facebook, and never mind the fact that I recently criticized her on one of her supporters Facebook pages and had my comment deleted…it’s f’n Facebook.

Did the Senator or his staff overreact? Probably.

But whining aboot it and crying to the media doesn’t make me feel sorry for you or take you seriously.

And if anyone is still curious aboot watching a Greg Ball related video…


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