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What is a Marc Cenedella and How is Kirsten Gillibrand Involved?

Hearing Marc Cenedella’s name floated as a possible challenger to Sen. Kristen Gilligan next year has piqued my curiosity. He’s young, an “outside the box” candidate, has a strong economic background, and someone I think can attract more people to the party.

He has a lot of the same qualities I like in Harry Wilson, the former state comptroller candidate that while he’s still one of the rumored name’s to be running, Wilson just signed on as the finance chair of Matt Doheny’s (another JBdotC fav) congressional campaign…which isn’t a usual move for someone who is planning on running for office himself in 2012.

As for Cendella, you might not recognize the name, but I’m sure you recognize and, the former he was senior VP off, the later he founded, and both of which were designed to help people find jobs…

Widely considered an expert in the job space Marc started his career as an entrepreneur and worked his way through the ranks. Prior to founding TheLadders and his role as — where he orchestrated the nearly $500 million sale of to Yahoo! — Marc was an Associate Vice President at The Riverside Company, a New York-based private equity firm. Earlier in his career, he founded, grew and then sold an international trading company focused on the export of US-made pet food to Japan. While doing business in the east Marc gained a great appreciation for Japan’s emphasis on superior customer service — a lesson he has always, and continues to apply to TheLadders business.

A media savy young entrepaneur who has created jobs by creating companies that help other people find jobs. I’m intrigued…


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