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9/1: A Tribute to Jack Kemp on The Right Hook

It’s a very special episode of THE RIGHT HOOK this week, as we pay tribute to one of the pioneers of the conservative movement and an architect of the Reagan Revolution, former New York Congressman Jack Kemp.

Joining host Brodigan in sharing their memories and thoughts of the man…

James Kemp, the Congressman’s son and the head of the Kemp Foundation, to talk about his father’s legacy, love for this country, and how the Kemp Foundation looks to keep both alive in future generations to come.

Michael Caputo, Republican strategist who got his start work for the Congressman, on what he learned from him and how Kemp would have handled the big issues we’ve been debating these past few years.

The Houston Chronicle’s Kat McKinley, host of “Smart Girl Nation” on FTR Radio and whose first time volunteering was on Jack Kemp’s presidential campaign, on his sometimes forgotten legacy reaching out to inner city’s and fighting poverty.

“Fever Dog” – Stillwater
“Small Time Blues” – Pete Droge
“Love Comes and Goes” – Stillwater
“Search and Destroy” – Iggy and The Stooges
“River” – Joni Mitchell

It’s all THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (September 1st) at 9:00 PM EST on FTR RADIO!


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