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8/11: Rick Perry, 2012, and the YRNF on THE RIGHT HOOK

Time to do it loud and do it proud from deep in the heart of the internets. It’s your weekly dose of right wing extremism. It’s where the RINOs and the radical come together as one. This is THE RIGHT HOOK!

And of course your master of ceremonies Brodigan, voice for the voiceless and YOUR 2011 New York State Young Republican of the Year, has assembled an delightful collection of guests for your listening enjoyment…

Carmella Mantello, mayoral candidate for Troy (what), to tell us all about her campaign, the path to victory, and how the YRs can help.

Ashley Sewell, host of “TTC on FTR” and co-host of “Top 7 w/ Ashley and Jenny,” to discuss Texas Governor Rick Perry’s entrance into the 2012 presidential race and how he might not be the conservative you think he is.

Brian Griffiths, newly elected YRNF North East Regional Chairman, for his first monthly segment on the Northeast and what the YRs have planned for it.

“I’m Ready” – Jack’s Mannequin
“Bounce” – Bon Jovi
“Nobody Puts Baby in Corner” – Fall Out Boy
“Freakish” – Saves the Day
“Wanted Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi w/ Kid Rock

It’s all THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (August 11th) at 8:00 PM EST on FTR RADIO!


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