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Daily Generic Post of Links to News Articles You Should Click

We’ll get to the debt debate in a second, but first some important news…South Park is returning of a 16th season. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are still the only two people in my life who have never let me down.

Ok, Speaker Boehner revised his plan and it received a more favorable report from the CBO. He told the caucus to get their asses in line, and it would appear that they are.

Of course, you still have some idiots in the tea party who want to primary him, or at the very least want him to step down.

Charles Krauthammer (you know, he of the ruling class) has some sage like advice for the tea party: “All of us respect the Constitution; it sort of defines the new Conservatism. If you believe in it, then respect the Constitution, understand its restraints, and win the election in November.” But on the other hand, SOCIALISM! PRINCIPLES! DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!11!1!

Then there’s the rigid ideologues in the Democrat Party who are already pledging to vote against the Boehner Bill before they even read it. Apparently the Democrats care more about their rigid ideology and their extremist base than they do the fiscal health of this country.


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