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Daily Generic Post of Links to News Articles You Should Click

We’ll get to the politics in a minute, but since more than a few YRs have posted how much they love the CM Punk angle in the WWE, this is a very fascinating article from a former head of WWE creative. And to quote Kevin Nash: BUY THE SHIRT!

I don’t even know where to start with the debate over the debt ceiling. Paul Ryan supports it. Guy Benson and James Pethokoukis were favorable. Erick Erickson was not. It was scored to not do what it said it was going to do, and the Speaker is holding off a vote until Thursday. Got all that?

As for the Democrats, not only do they not have a plan, the White House doesn’t understand why you need to see something on paper. Seriously. Watch this video of yesterday’s press briefing, it’s hysterical.

“I’m stunned that the President is going to deliver to his opposition total and complete victory. I would not do it if I were sitting in that chair…Unless you’re willing to take your opponents to the wall, you’re going to lose these fights more often than not.” – Joe Scarborough

And on a side note, the unions who fund the Democrat majority are not only the reason why mixed martial arts is illegal in New York, they’re openly admitting it.


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