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The YRs of Summer: My First Ever Town Hall Meeting

This Thursday I’m leaving the comfort of the Right Hook EIB Studios (aka my basement) and will be making my first ever personal appearance when I moderate the equally first ever “YRs of Summer” Town Hall meeting here on Long Island. I was going to talk about the genesis of the event (since it’s kinda, sorta my creation) during my opening remarks.

Then I realized that me having any opening remarks in the first place takes away from YRs engaging with their YR elected officials, which is the whole point, this made more sense. To paraphrase that great conservative scholar Lynyrd Skynyrd, “All I can do is blog about it.”

Let’s start with a video presentation at just what a “YRs of Summer” Town Hall meeting is, since I know you are all on the edge of your seat right now. Better yet, just watch this video advertising it…

Any idea I have for the YRs, or that I encourage other YRs to develop, I try to have it include the three qualities:

-Low cost
-Be outside the box
-Piss off as many Democrats as possible

This at least combines the first two, and was born from any number of bits I’ve done on The Right Hook with NYSYR Chief of Staff (and the Leo McGary to my Toby Zeigler) Chris Dziedzic when one of us brings up “building the bench” and the unfortunate lack of party’s doing so. We’ve gone off on it and elected officials we’ve had on the show haven’t been shy in sharing their opinions on it (particularly those in the 18-40 age range), but instead of just complaining we’ve also tried to come up with ideas on how we can do it ourselves.

One idea, and this is all Chris, was to find a way to help our favorite local officials get more recognized outside of their home county. Make sure Steuben County knows the name Lee Zeldin, or that Nassau County is introduced to Marc Molinaro. Everyone one of us has those local candidates who motivate us to get more involved, it’s time for us to share.

The other came from an interview Chris and I did with former Assemblyman Tony Casale. If the party is going to grow in this state, it’s going to take us explaining to our friends and neighbors why it’s important to be a Republican. The Assemblyman had mentioned how every Republican club has their monthly meeting to discuss who is running for what and when the next fundraiser is. Why not have a meeting every three months or so where we just discussed issues? It helps us first understand the issues ourselves and why exactly we are Republicans, plus it gives us a place to bring those friends and neighbors who are interested in learning born.

Hence, the first ever YR Town Hall meeting is born. Young voters and activists getting an opportunity to engage elected officials, who if they aren’t still “YRs” themselves are at least YRish, on the issues there are most important to us. Plus, as we travel to these different meetings (this Thursday we’ll have YRs from a few different counties outside of Long Island) and exploit social media to make sure those who can’t make it hear from those who can, we help introduce YRs from across to state to some of the young leaders they aren’t familiar with…yet.

Plus, we all go out drinking afterwards. Everyone wins!

(I just hope this works)


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