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Daily Generic Post of Links to News Articles You Should Click

Chris Christie is travelling to Iowa to speak on education reform and host a fundraiser, and NOT increase speculation that he’s running for President. Not that the YRs endorse in a primary, but if he doesn’t run…we riot.

Erick Erickson has a very important message for the GOP: “As you’ve been holding the line in the debt ceiling fight, you’re making gains among the young and poor.”

Republicans are also making gains with Latino candidates

The latest on the debt limit debate, John Boehener addressed the GOP caucus and President Obama went as far as to cancel TWO fundraisers.

Michelle Bachmann fired shots against Tim Pawlenty. could rumors of a T-Paw iowa surge be true?

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch will formally endorse GOP NY-9 candidate Bob Turner at 11 a.m. in Howard Beach, citing the businessman’s “unwavering support” for Israel. (no link)

And Sen. Lee Zeldin has an editorial in the NYPost on repealing on the MTA To Do List in the wake of the sudden resignation of MTA Chair man Jay Walder.


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