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Daily Generic Post of Links to News Articles You Should Click

While I am sad that Chris Christie still isn’t running for President (I still say Christie ’12 or Riot), all of these uber rich GOPers who voted for Obama in 2008 and and are shocked – SHOCKED – that he’s a far left liberal and disasterous for business…really?

Speaking of the President apparently he was against a short term debt deal, then for it, then he was never for it, but now he might be for it. Got all that.

His approval ratings nationally? Not too hot.

His approval ratings im battleground states? His campaign might be thinking of writing off Ohio. Wait, what?

Bill Bennett decimates talk-show hosts who do nothing but whine and scream that Republican lawmakers are sell-outs: “They’re not being gutless. They’re holding up pretty doggone well…You can’t say they’re quaking like jelly, it just isn’t fair…I don’t think I’ve ever done this in six years of radio, but let’s face it: a lot of people who are in talk radio are in talk radio, and their background was talk radio. And that’s fine. A man isn’t defined by what he did in the past. But let me tell you there are some advantages — from time to time — in having been [in the federal government]. You know, if your main responsibility over 20 or 30 years was to decide whether to take Hamburger Helper as a sponsor or not, that’s different than having run a department or agency of government.”


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