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Daily Generic Post of Links to News Articles You Should Click

See, Washington has is in trouble now because they done gone and pissed off Gov. Chris Christie, who says, “The Republicans and Democrats should get in a room and stay in the room until they fix it. Instead, they seem to be sloganeering at each other…. And it’s not helpful.” Hey, if he thinks he can do any better he should run for President.

BTW, the House passed “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” Harry Reid won’t allow a vote in the Senate and the President has said he’ll veto it, because neither of them are serious about reigning in spending and doing anything about the debt. Instead…CORPORATE JET OWNERS.

While liberals like to hold a poll that grossly over samples liberals and claim it’s what America wants, conservatives have a few polls to throw back in their faces.

I love watching Chris Matthews get smacked down. Thank you Rep. Joe Walsh.

Apparently Allen West has grown as tired of Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s hate filled tirades towards Republicans, and fired back with a tirade of his own.


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