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The Ugly Truth about Avon, NBCC & Obamacare

If you’re here to hear me complain about how one of my friends is pushing Avon on me – you’re in the wrong article.  Maybe some other day.  There is a makeover needed but it’s not me- it’s our unquestioning attitude that everyone who claims to want to end breast cancer must also have the best interests of our country at heart too.  This attitude needs freshening up for the new season that is upon us.  It is a season of “change” with harsh realities.

I’m guessing that the average Conservative woman has no idea that her innocent peddling of eyeliner has anything to do with Obamacare.  But the sad fact is that it does- through NBCC- National Breast Cancer Coalition (  Last year these folks had an ad campaign- who doesn’t want see an end to breast cancer?  I can’t remember why I became suspicious of this group but it didn’t take many clicks of the mouse for me to find the smoky-eye shadow.

NBCC openly admits on its website that it supports Obamacare.  President Fran Visco praises Obamacare in her letter on the first page of the Annual Report.  “As I look at our accomplishments during the year we made a bit of progress.  Our number one priority, guaranteed access to quality health care for all is now part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”  Now most organizations openly praise the big donors in their Annual Report and NBCC is no different.  Right there at the top- Avon Foundation for Women.

2007 over $750,000

2008 over $1.5 million

2009 between $500,000 -999,000

To be clear Avon Foundation is not Avon Inc.  But the Foundation does receive a nice chunk of change (generated by your purchase of the latest lip gloss) from Avon Inc. From its financial statement dated Dec 31, 2010 the foundation received over $24 million from Avon Inc.  The Avon Foundation is also a 501c which designates it to be a public charity that is tax exempt.  In fact they specifically state they do not give to political organizations, campaigns or candidates.  So what are they doing giving to NBCC which turns around and lobbies for Obamacare?  At first I was concerned that I would be attacking Avon Inc. for simple donation and therefore be discredited but as I dug deeper I found that Avon’s Foundation for Women isn’t providing funding for cancer research or helping to pay for celebrity speakers.  As of 2005 according to Amanda M. Olson in her dissertation at Ohio University “Avon funds one of the NBCC’s most exclusive and prized training programs: Project LEAD (Leadership, Education and Advocacy Development) which is an intense science training course for dedicated activists.”   At the NBCC Annual Advocacy Training Conference Ms. Olson attended, the Avon Foundation “was formally thanked for their continued funding of advocacy training programs.”  On lobbying day of the conference the participants were given a list of priorities for NBCC- “Priority #1: Guaranteed access to quality healthcare for all.  We will not end breast cancer until all women have guaranteed access to quality healthcare regardless of their ability to pay.”   This was reinforced in a plenary session entitled “The Politics of Healthcare for All.”  Knowing what we now know about Obamacare and the Left’s obsession with Single-Payer Healthcare should we have been more interested in the motives of this group and where the funding was coming from?  Or are we paralyzed with the fear of being accused of not being supportive of the fight to end breast cancer?  In many communities you might be forgiven for not believing in “Global Warming” but imagine the cold-shoulders you’d get for questioning the motives of anyone involved with the fight to end breast cancer.

You may have read this and thought “So what?  Avon gave money to Avon Foundation for Women and they support NBCC.”  But the greater message is that this is being done knowingly and without the public’s knowledge.  Avon presents itself as a way for women to be capitalists- to earn extra income but is not upfront with its support for this socialist leaning group.  I’m sure all those Christian domestic violence prevention groups who receive grants from the Foundation would be interested in these facts.

Does it matter whether Avon Inc. has a philosophical position or it is simply cashing in on the hot trend of “raising breast cancer awareness?”  I say “no” because there is also a greater culture at work here.  Scroll through the Annual Reports of NBCC and you will see pictures of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton & Michelle Obama.  Look down the list of donors in those same reports and you will see the names of all the big drug companies which, according to “Gangster Government” by David Freddoso, got a great deal with Obamacare.  I’m not saying that Avon doesn’t do some good things with its focus on breast cancer and domestic violence but perhaps we should be looking a little more closely where our dollars for that divine new mascara are going.


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