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7/14: S.E. Cupp on The Right Hook

Back from Puerto Rico and BRODIcast directly from our lips to you ears, your 60 minute dose of right wing extremism where the RINOs and the radicals gather as one, it’s THE RIGHT HOOK. And of course your party host and master of ceremonies Brodigan, voice to the voiceless and your 2011 New York State Young Republican of the Year, has another great episode lined up. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

We have an exclusive interview with author and Fox News contributor SE Cupp. She joins us to discuss her recent deal with Glenn Beck’s production company, who she’s likes in the 2012 presidential primaries, and the growing number of younger activists getting involved in the conservative movement.

Also, from the Orange County (NY) YRs, we’re bringing back some of the Wolfpack: Brian Maher (Mayor of Walden) and Karl Brabenec (Town Supervisor of Deer Park). We’ll be recapping last weekend’s Young Republican National Convention, and talking a little on the importance of YRs running and getting elected to national office.

“Beautiful” – Flickerstick
“We Stayin’ Alive” – Wyclef Jean
“Fireflies” – Rhett Miller
“Broken Dreams” – Shaman’s Harvest
“Basement Home” – Jessie Malin

It’s all TO NIGHT (July 14th) at 8:00 PM EST on FTR RADIO!


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