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Why Jon Huntsman?

The first thing people ask me when I tell them that I’m supporting Jon Huntsman for President, the first thing they ask me is: Who’s Jon Huntsman? And after I explain to them that he was the Governor of Utah and that he was most recently the US Ambassador to China under the Obama administration they ask me why do you support him?

The answer to that goes back a few months or so when I got involved with Students for Daniels, a friend told me about Mitch Daniels and said that he was going to be starting a chapter of Students for Daniels and asked if I was interested in joining. I told him that I’d look into Mitch and get back to him. I looked, and I fell in love in short order. The organization worked for months trying to convince Mitch to run, but to no avail, he formally declined to run on 5/22/11. We were all upset and I refused to look at anything mildly political for about two weeks. In that time, the rest of my Students for Daniels friends had been proactive in finding their new champion to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington.

They picked Jon Huntsman.

When I heard that, I was just as confused as anyone that I tell about Huntsman, I had barely heard his name and I had no idea who he was. So I dove in to research mode again. I found that I completely agree with his stance on education, that in order to create “first-class” students, you need to pay for first-class teachers. And we’re pretty much in line on gun control, barring the fact that he would veto a bill that restricts assault weapons, personally I don’t think that you need an AK-47 unless you’re a soldier, but that’s just me. And for his belief on taxes? I LOVE IT. I agree whole hearted that in order to stabilize our economy, we need jobs, and the best way to encourage businesses to create jobs, is to lower taxes placed on them. And with those three big check marks in the agree column and no real big X’s in the disagree column, he looked pretty good to me.

But then people say: You’re going to support someone who worked for Obama? And while it’s true that I’m not exactly an Obama fan (To be quite honest I think just about all of his policies are garbage… but I digress.), Huntsman working for Obama is one of the reasons that I like him. I’m tired of partisan politics, people not voting for a bill just because a Democrat introduced it, or voting for it just because a Republican introduced it. If it’s a bill that a majority of your constituents support, then you vote for it, no matter who introduced it and vice versa. And I think that having a president who worked for the last one, even though they were from opposite sides of the aisle, might be a step toward ending partisan politics.

So he had made me into a supporter, albeit a wary one, I had already been burned by one presidential hopeful in this primary season. But with his announcement on 6/21/11, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, he sealed the deal. So now I’m behind him 100%, and you might want to consider at least looking into him to see if he can win your support.


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