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6/30: Pop Music and the 2012 NY Senate

Standing tall on the wings of our dreams, and BRODicasting live on tape from that concrete jungle where dreams are made of and there’s nothing you can’t do…IT’S THE RIGHT HOOK. And your host and master of ceremonies, not to mention your 2011 YR of the Year, Brodigan has put together another delightful podcast for your listening enjoyment…

We like to feature the struggles of right leaning entertainers trying to find their way in the bitterly closed minded and intolerant left dominated entertainment industry. Two of our favorites join us this week, Mark Scudder and Lauren Young.

Also, making his surprise return to the show, founding TRH father Chris Dziedzic gives us his overview of the 2012 NY Senate race and some local races.

All this, plus Brodigan plays his favourite Chris Christie You Tube Clip.

“Free” – Mark Scudder
“Pretty Girls” – Lauren Young
“The Best Places to Be a Mom” – Taking Back Sunday
“Airplanes” – B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams
“The Lazy Song” – Bruno Mars

It’s all THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (June 30th) at 8:00 PM EST on FTR RADIO!


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