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Seriously…why not Paul Ryan for President?

Democrats are going to run against him anyway and all of our other candidates are one big ball of “meh,” so why shouldn’t Paul Ryan run for President? He’s already got a great stump speech:

“This is not the time to go wobbly. They (Democrats) are going to run these attack ads at us regardless. This is a time for leaders to be leaders. This is not a time for us to follow our fears, this is a time to lead because if we don’t address our countries fiscal problems we are going to have a debt crisis and the people who are going to get hurt the first and the worst are the people who need government the most, the elderly and the poor.”

But besides that, there are three keys reasons:

1. The open minded and tolerant Obama Democrats have made it clear that their plan for 2012 is to lie aboot Ryan’s Medicare plan (and sabotage races with imposter tea party candidates when applicable) using violent extremist rhetoric like “kill Medicare.” There’s no one better to defend his plan then him himself…

2. The base (and their money) is still looking for someone to rally behind. Dick Armey from Freedomworks – whose plan is to stop Mitt Romney – says it’s time to draft Ryan. Talk radio likes him. Right wing bloggers like him. BUT, unlike other base favourites like Michelle Bachmann, is moderate in his temperament and won’t drive away the independent voters needed to win the general election.

3. Ryan in the race is going to step up everybody’s game. Repeating the “ten word answer” to every issue while flailing your arms and ending with the word “socialism” isn’t going to cut it. Ryan knows all the issues front and back, and if any of the other candidates want to keep up they’re going to have to out debate him. Stronger debates help the entire party and make our candidates stronger to go up against Obama and the media in 2012.

This isn’t an endorsement. I’m sticking with my plan of not considering anyone until the fall at the earliest, and who isn’t a declare candidates. I’m just saying he’s running out of reasons not to run, and if he does decided, I’m on the first train to New Hampshire after Labor Day.


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