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5/19: Ariel Helwani and MMA in NY on THE RIGHT HOOK

It’s Thursday and you know what that means, another rock ’em, sock ’em, wrap its legs around your torso and just’ give it to ya’ episode of THE RIGHT HOOK. And since listening to host Brodigan ramble for an hour might grow tedious, he’s got some great guests to join him…

First, we’re joined by MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, who gives us the brief history of why Mixed Martial Arts isn’t sanctioned in New York (hint: unions), when it might be sanctioned, and a little of his background which anyone who is looking for a new job should listen to.

Also, the terror twins of the YRs Lynn Krogh and Giovanni Scaringi will be on to discuss the big “passing of the torch” this weekend, what’s next for the YRs, and what’s the deal with all these 30 year olds leaving the state?

“Colorful” – The Verve Pipe
“Rooftops” – LostProphets
“Make This Day” – Zac Brown Band
“Everybody Wants to Be Me” – John Rich
“Darkest Days” – Black Label Society (w/ John Rich)

It’s all TONIGHT (May 19th) at 8:00 PM EST on FTR RADIO!


2 responses to “5/19: Ariel Helwani and MMA in NY on THE RIGHT HOOK

  1. What is unfortunate listening to this interview with Helwani (and his other written coverage as well) is how one sided and incomplete his coverage is.

    As a journalist he should be addressing all sides. He says the connection to “Unite Here” is vague. It is “vague” because it is not a significant issue any longer in NY. Everyone here in NY knows this.

    I would suggest you read the following stories for more comprehensive points of view:

    “Dana White Continues to Push Anti-Union Storyline on Forbes Sportsmoney”

    “What’s Keeping MMA out of New York? Is It the Unions Going after the UFC, or is It the Lack of a Union in the UFC?”

    Zuffa’s Union Blues and New York MMA

    “One Man in the Way of MMA in New York”

    Helwai speaks about Unite Here’s memo to the Senate this year, where MMA has had token resistance. Everyone knows the Assembly is where the trouble is. And in the Assembly, Chair of Labor Wright has gone on the record saying the unions have not been involved to his knowledge. He is also a very vocal supporter of MMA:

    In the end, Union issues or not, by using the Fertittas’ hotel squabbles in Nevada as a battle axe against the union here in NY, Zuffa is not helping us here and is tarnishing the sport as a whole. MMA, the sport as a whole, is becoming acceptable collateral damage in NY by Zuffa.

    Let me pose this question: Where was Unite Here in all the other states in which MMA has been legalized during the past 5-10 years. Unite Here was not an issue in those states, and as most people here in NY involved in the fight know that it has not been a significant issue here any longer either.

    Helwani’s view is not “unbiased” in the slightest. He is towing a very specific Zuffa party line which can hurt us here in NY.

    For more info on the fight for MMA in NY, check our blog at

    BTW, regarding your comment regarding the Democrats being the opposition (certainly true in the case of Assemblyman Reilly and Speaker Silver), you are not completely accurate. This issue has really not been decided specificly by party lines. On the support side as you note, it is bi-partisan. In the opposition, for example, the one negaitve vote in the Senate Tourism Committee this year was Sen Marcellino (R).

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