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Iowa to Chris Christie: You’re Gonna Make Us Beg, Aren’t You?


I would love it if Chris Christie ran for President in 2012. I love his style and his politics, and my man drops more video hits than Kanye West. The rub is while he talks a good game, he hasn’t finished his first term in office yet. After criticizing the Democrats for nominating a guy who had no experience and seeing what happens when they did (see Obama, President Barrack), I’d like to see more results from Christie before he runs for President.

I call it my “Yes We Can/You Betcha” rule where a candidate needs to complete one full term of their current office before running for President. Am I thrilled with our current crop of candidates? Like many of you, no. I float between Mitch Daniels and trying again in 2016.

Other don’t want to wait, like in Iowa where our candidates have donors in such a state of meh, they’re going to New Jersey to beg…

Some of Iowa’s top Republican campaign contributors, unhappy with their choices in the developing presidential field, are venturing to New Jersey in hopes they can persuade first-term Gov. Chris Christie to run. The entreaty is the latest sign of dissatisfaction within the GOP over the crop of candidates competing for the chance to run against President Barack Obama in 2012.

Bruce Rastetter, an Iowa energy company executive, and a half-dozen other prominent Iowa GOP donors sought the meeting with Christie, the governor’s chief political adviser, Mike DuHaime, told The Associated Press. The get-together is set for the governor’s mansion in Princeton, N.J., on May 31.

I still say Gov. Christie’s best bet in 2012 is as kingmaker, giving the response to the SOTU, and keynoting at the Republican convention before running nationally. However, if he did decide to get into the race, as much as I’d prefer him waiting…he’d be a hard guy not to support.


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