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YRs React to Last Night’s Debate

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Lynn Krogh
State Chair
UNREAL. I thought it was amateur, Carl Paladino has a better shot of being President. The questions were lame, Pawlenty went in thinking that he’d look like teh adult in the room and instead, he came out as a low level B Team candidate…Herman Cain looked good, WHY you ask? Um, because he’s a CEO. Doesn’t mean he’ll do well w/ the big boys.

Chris Dziedzic
Immediate Past State Chair
I did not share Frank Lunz’s focus group’s overwhelming positive reaction to Herman Cain. I wouldn’t say he won the debate, and he isn’t my first choice after tonight. Of these five candidates only, my first choice would be Santorum, because I’m most comfortable with his track record on social issues like abortion and marriage. As far as who won the debate, I would say Ron Paul. I thought he was the most consistent, least apologetic , and most articulate about his positions. Personally, I recoil from his positions. His views of extreme libertarianism at home and withdraw and non-intervention abroad are distasteful and wrong headed. But he does get objective credit for consistent and articulate presentation of his views.


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